We are proud to announce our new affiliation with Turning Hearts!

Turning Hearts is committed to transforming the way we document and remember those who have passed away. Founded in 2020, they have created a better way to commemorate the lives of those dear to us. From special memories, favorite stories, and lessons taught, Turning Hearts wants to help you honor their memory.

They’ve made it easy for you and your family to preserve the legacy of your ancestors by sharing their memories, accomplishments, and photos with the world. Their unique Turning Hearts Medallions, engraved with QR codes, provide a lasting link to their personal profile page on their platform, ensuring their memory remains accessible to future generations.

Turning Hearts Logo Gold and White

Turning Hearts has created a platform for you to create a lasting legacy for your loved ones. By creating a profile, you will showcase the person’s life and what you want the world to know about them. You can also create a profile for yourself to document your own life and the things you most cherish. It’s a place where the information and media shared can inspire and touch lives for generations.

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