Whether you are pre-planning or managing the memorial of a loved one, the process can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of the death care industry, and share our insider knowledge to help you make the best decisions for you or your loved ones.

Unlike the endless riddle of “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”, we can help demystify the common question of “Which needs to come first? The monument or the plot?”

Although there are many ways to navigate the process, we generally recommend that customers begin with the burial plot. Why is this?

Cemeteries have their own regulations on how, when, and where monuments can be set on plots. Oftentimes, cemeteries will set guidelines for percentage of space used for a monument on a single plot.

They may also have height restrictions for the monuments placed within their cemetery, and even style guidelines to abide by to set a certain look and feel for their property, or maintain a standard of care for the cemetery caretakers, gardeners, landscapers, etc.

These regulations can all impact the design you choose for yourself or your loved one. Knowing the parameters you may need to work within for whatever cemetery you choose can be a great place to start when designing a memorial.

However, due to our long-standing relationships with most cemeteries across Central Iowa, if you do not have a plot purchased initially, but have a good sense of the cemetery where you’d like the monument to be placed, we can often work with you to ensure that the memorial meets that cemetery’s guidelines.

These are also great questions to keep in mind when shopping for a cemetery plot to begin with. Especially if you do already have a stone, style, or design in mind for your monument. By taking the time to ask these questions up front, you can insure that your cemetery of choice fits your overall vision for the story that you want to leave behind.

Have other questions about the memorial and burial planning process? Let us know in the comments below! We strive to share important and engaging information about the ins and outs of the death care industry. Keep your eyes peeled here in our learning center for more tips, tricks, and info that can help you navigate planning for yourself or your loved one.

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