Trying to support those who are grieving can feel overwhelming. And the need to get it “just right” even more so. We’re here to help you navigate some options so you can find a gift you feel good about. Here are five impactful ideas to get you started:

  1. Plants
    • Often people find comfort in bringing new “life” something beautiful and flourishing, into their homes following loss. Ideas in this arena include:
      • Sending an arrangement to the funeral home or church for the services.
      • Gifting a house plant or potted arrangement for the family home.
      • Publicly planting a tree or other outdoor plant in honor of the lost loved one.
    • No matter what path you choose, plants are a popular and timeless way to give to the grieving and honor the deceased.
  2. Food
    • Taking a burden off the shoulders of those who are grieving is always a thoughtful and truly helpful gesture. Preparing or providing food is an impactful way to make an immediate difference, and thanks to technology, is a gesture no longer hindered by distance. Ideas in this category could include:
      • Purchasing or preparing food for the funeral services, whether just for the family, or for all those congregated.
      • Starting a meal train within a supportive group or community that provides easy home cooked or pre-prepared meals for the immediate future.
      • Utilize a meal delivery service like Door Dash or Uber Eats to have a favorite meal delivered to their home or work.
      • Find a service that ships or delivers take and bake or prepared freezer meals right to their door step.
  3. Art or Home Décor
    • A beautiful piece of art, a statue, or something similar can be a touching tribute that can withstand the test of time. Ideas in this category include:
      • An art or décor piece with some iconography or symbolism that is meaningful to those grieving, i.e. cardinals, hummingbirds, lady bugs, dragonflies, angels or wings, etc.
      • An indoor or outdoor piece with a moving saying or piece of scripture that connects to the deceased or to those grieving.
      • A piece that includes a photo or likeness of the deceased for the family to place in their home or a meaningful space, i.e. outdoor garden, church, civic organization, or business, etc.
  4. Memorial Monument
    • Writing something in stone, wood, or metal, is a beautiful and permanent tribute to those we’ve lost. Ideas in this category could include:
      • A small engraved or etched memorial stone can be beautiful addition to a family’s home, garden, or other public space.
      • A custom bench can be the perfect commemorative piece to honor a loved one in a meaningful public or private space to them and/or the family.
      • A plaque bearing their name and even likeness, for placement at a public space, a place of work, religious, or civic organization can be an impactful gift to honor one’s legacy.
  5. Donation
    • Those looking for impactful ways to honor those who have been lost may consider making a donation to a charity, civic, or religious organization that the deceased was a part of, or even an organization or group that was there for the deceased and/or their family in their time of need.
      • Monetary donations can be given in a variety of forms. Ideas can include a one-time donation, the formation of, or giving to, an endowment fund in the deceased’s name, or giving to a capital campaign project.
      • Volunteering your own time in memory of a lost loved one can mean more than you know to a charity or organization they cared about. Reach out and find out what volunteer opportunities they may have upcoming. This is also a great opportunity to get others involved in the commemoration of the legacy of the deceased.
      • Donating resources, i.e. food, clothing, cleaning supplies, etc., to a charity or organization the deceased and/or their family were involved in is an immediate way to leave a lasting impact in their honor. Whether on your own, or by teaming up with others to gather resources, a little can often go a long way.

Now these are just a few ideas to help get your gears turning. Hopefully If you have other ideas or seen unique ways people have been honored, we’d love to hear them! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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